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What is FOCUS?

The most advanced AI driven club-tracer system for drivers and irons that enables an instant visual feedback for each shot as you view it on the shot mat, letting you stay focused on where you swing golf clubs instead of on screens or monitors.

What is FOCUS?

Stress from tech setback?

You are already aware that some golf softwares and apps are so complicated that the time spent on looking at monitors are taking away your time and opportunity to try some more swings.

With technologies today, you are flooded with many data points and analysis. The more data you try to see, the less your muscle memory stays.

Your posture while looking at a separate monitor for your club analysis, is different from the posture you took for that shot. You wish you could see your swing path duplicated in front of you in relation to where you were, hopefully, both before and after the impact.

Here is what you can do with FOCUS ...

FOCUS presents visual feedback played in a single animation stream that are rebuilt through AI that analyzes on your behalf all the datapoints created by the club as it was propagating towards and away from the ball, making all the intricate analysis and lengthy explanation redundant as seen in conventional systems.

Both the golfer and coach, or the golfer and the club-fitter can literally be on the same page at the same time to review each swing.

The projected club-trace images by FOCUS + YOU are making the total scene needed to enhance the benefit of each session whether you are talking about lesson or club-fitting.

Here is what you can do with FOCUS …

Now, check out the video and see for yourself!

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FOCUS Features

Feature 1

Not sure what this means

The results are visually represented on the floor in front of you after you hit your shot. No more guessing game, visualizing the shot you just hit, will help you practice the correct swing path and train your mind to replicate the correct swing.

Not sure what this means

Feature 2

Powered by AI

Many golf simulators on the market today require markers on the face of the clubs, such as woods and irons, or require a software toggle to switch between them. FOCUS uses AI-based club recognition technology to automatically distinguish between irons and woods.

Powered by AI

Feature 3

Simple to use

After launching the FOCUS software on your computer, simply press the "Measure" button. FOCUS will then recognize the ball on the tee or shot mat, and the circle surrounding the ball will change to green. The AI technology then automatically recognizes whether you are using a wood or an iron club, and all you have to do is hit it!

Simple to use

How to use FOCUS

Ceiling-mounted, so no setting is required once installed

FOCUS is a type that is installed on the ceiling, so once it is installed, no particular adjustment is necessary. Effective dimension from floor to ceiling mount: 9'6" ~ 9'10" / 2900mm ~ 3000mm

Ceiling-mounted, so no setting is required once installed


Can be used as an add-on to GC Hawk, GC Quad, and GC3

Can work with Foresight Sports' GC series

Can be used with Foresight Sports products and other golf simulators.

Can work with Foresight Sports' GC series

Learn more about GC Quad and GC3

How to use: 3 simple steps

  • step1

    When you place the ball, FOCUS will capture the ball and surround it with a green circle

  • step2

    Hit the ball

  • step3

    The impact zone with be displayed at your feet, there you will visually see the club path at impact.

What do you know?

What do you know?

Items displayed on the Shot Mat

  • Club Face Angle (2D)
  • Club Head Acceleration (2D)
  • Club Face Rotation (2D)
  • Club Face to Target (2D)
  • Club Path (2D)
  • Zone Angle (2D)

Items displayed on the PC monitor

  • Club Head Speed (2D)
  • Zone Angle (2D)
  • Club Face Angle (2D)
  • Roll (from GC series)
  • Club Path (2D)
  • Club Face Closure Chart
  • Ball Speed (2D)
  • Club Head Speed Chart
  • Smash Factor

You can become aware of your current swing, the changes you are trying to make which can be very beneficial in lesson settings, personal practice and fittings. It is imperative in club fittings to be able to effectively and visually demonstrate explanations regarding accurate trajectory, club head movement through the ball, and end result of the shots.

  • 1

    The change in ball speed at impact can easily be seen.

  • 2

    Different types of swing paths are easily understandable for beginners.

  • 3

    The wider the bar, the faster the acceleration; the narrower the bar, the slower the acceleration.

  • 4

    Select data can be compared

  • 5

    it is easy to understand the continuous movement of the club face

Product Information

FOCUS Hardware

Technology: AI Club Tracer
Dimensions: 12.9"(W) x 7.2"(H) x 9.7"(D)
Weight: 8.5lbs / 3.85kg
Projector for projection mapping

FOCUS Hardware

FOCUS Software

Compatible PC Windows 10 or later
CPU: i7 or equivalent / RAM: 16GB or more
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX3060 or later

FOCUS Softwar

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Users' Voices

Revolutionizing coaching!
The best tool to discover your quirks!

Thirties Men

I've been waiting for a product like this!
I rely on it so much that I'm afraid to practice without Focus!

Twenties Women

It is very easy to understand that the trajectory of the ball and club is displayed at your feet!

Fifties Men

I understood my swing habits immediately.

Thirties Women



What are FOCUS' dimensions?

Dimensions: 12.9"(W) x 7.2"(H) x 9.7"(D)


How much does FOCUS weigh?

Weight: 8.5lbs / 3.85kg


What is the price?

Ask our staff.


What can FOCUS do?

The club head trajectory and trajectory information is simultaneously animated and displayed on the shot mat. The results are visually displayed on the ground in front of you where you actually hit the ball, making them very easy to understand!
You can confirm the results without losing your swing image or impact sensation, while maintaining the feeling of hitting the ball immediately after swinging.


What are the benefits of FOCUS?

The visual display of the club head movement before and after impact can be used for lessons, practice, and fitting.
In lessons, the golfer and coach can share the changes that occur when the swing is modified.
In club fitting, accurate ballistic data and head movement results can be used to provide effective and visually clear explanations.



What equipment will I need?

FOCUS main unit, projector, and computer.


Do I need a computer?

Required. Recommended PC (Windows 10 or later / CPU : i7 or equivalent / RAM 16GB or more / Nvidia GeForce RTX3060 or more)


Where can I buy it?

Please contact us


Is a projector included?

Projector is optional


Can I install and set up the system myself?

We recommended having an Amplus certified representative doing the install


Does it come with software?

FOCUS Proprietary software is included.


Can I use it at indoor golf courses, schools, and golf stores?

Already in use at major golf stores, indoor golf schools, and driving ranges.


How large should the hitting bay be?

Typical size is about 19 feet long x 11 feet wide x 10 feet high


What happens if it breaks? What if it needs to be repaired?

Repair support will be provided. Please contact your distributor.


Can it be used by left-handers?

Yes, FOCUS will need to be installed on the left side.


Can I use it outside?

For indoor use only.


Do you sell online?

Not planned at this time.


What is the height from the floor when installed?

Floor to ceilinsg height: 9'6" to 9'10"


Who will do the installation?

Our service team will do the installations


Where is the company located?

FOCUS is developed and manufactured in Japan by AMPLUS in Japan.


Is the data accurate?

Accurate because the ball and club are captured by a super high-speed camera directly above the golfer.


Is the combination just GC Hawk, GC Quad, and GC3?

It is best used with Foresight Sports' GC Hawk, GC Quad, and GC3.


Is black the only color?

Currently the only color available is black.


Who is the distributor?

Please let us know where you are located and we will be happy to connect you to the right partner

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